Arun Kamal

Born on February 15, 1954 at Nasariganj, Bihar, Arun Kamal is a leading Hindi poet and literary essayist based at Patna. He has published five collections of poetry–Apni Kewal Dhar,Saboot,Naye Ilake MeinPutali Mein Sansar and Main Wo Shankh Mahashankh–and three selections of his poems. Arun Kamal’s critical essays and reflections on poetry and art are collected under three titles–Kavita aur Samay, Golmez,and Kathopkathan. As a translator,he has rendered poems of Nagrjun, Trilochan, Shamsher, and Kedarnath Singh into English for several journals and published a full-length book of contemporary Indian poetry in English translation. Besides,he has been translating outside poetry and essays into Hindi. Publications include a volume of the Vietnamese poet To Hu’s poems and notes  and Mayakovasky’s autobiography. Arun Kamal edits Aalochana,a prestigeous journal of literary criticism,with Dr Namvar Singh as the chief editor. Hel has received several awards for poetry including Bharat Bhushan Agrawal Poetry award, Shrikant Varma Smriti Puraskar,Soviet Land Nehru Award, Shamsher Samman, Raghuvir Sahay Smriti Puraskar,Nagarjun Puraskar and Sahitya Akademi Award (1998) for Naye Ilake Mein. He has been associated with several institutions, in diferrent capacities, like Sahitya Akademi; Indian Institute of Advanced Study,Shimla; Kendriya Hindi Sansthan,Agra;Hindi Sahitya Sammelan,Prayag. Has attended seminars and conferences in Russia,Congo, China, England, Pakistan, Myanmar, and South Africa. Presently he is  teaching English at Patna University.