Gajendra Thakur

Gajendra Thakur, born on 30 March 1971, is from Mehath village (Jhanjharpur block, Madhubani district,Bihar). He writes in Maithili, a language spoken in northern Bihar and south-westernNepal. He is an author, lexicographer, historian (of Mithila, ancient Videha and of Maithili), and paleographer. He has deciphered ancient and medieval palm leaf inscriptions in the Tirhuta script of Maithili. His stories and poems deal with the problems of native and migrant Maithils of Mithila.

He has also translated from Maithili into English, and poems and stories into Maithili from Kannada, Oriya, Gujarati and Telugu, through English.

Some of his recent works are Ulkamukh (a play condemning the hereditary caste system), Shabdshastram (a collection of short-stories), Naarashanshi (thought in verse) and Sahasrajit (an anthology of poems).