Pratibha Ray

Dr. Pratibha Ray, formerly Professor in Education and Member, Public Service Commission, Odisha, is one of the leading fiction writers in India. She has published twenty novels, twenty four collections of short stories, ten travelogues, nine books for children, ten books for neo-literates, two essay collections, the biography of Kuntala Kumar Sabat (Poet) in English, three translated books from Hindi to Odia, one book of lyrics and one anthology of poetry. Her novel “Mahamoha” is published in Indian Classic Series by DC Books, Kerala. Her most significant novel on Super Cyclone of Odisha, 1999 “Magnamati” will be shortly released in English, Hindi and Bengali. Among numerous state, national and international awards, she is the recipient of Moorti Devi Award (1991) by Bharatiya Jnanapith Trust for her novel “Jajnaseni”, Sahitya Akademi Award (2000), “Padma Shree” (2007) for her contribution to the field of Indian Literature. She has been honored with the title “Katha Bharati” and “Odisha Gourav” (Pride of Odisha) by prestigious literary Organisations. Best writer award by Odisha Society of America (OSA). She was also honored by Hindi Sahitya Sabha, Toronto, Canada and Odia Society, Canada. She was honoured by University of Incarnetworld, San Antonio, USA, 2006. She was awarded from Kerala and Andhra Pradesh for her creative writing. She has been awarded Hon. D.Lit by Utkal University of Culture, she was honoured by Bharatiya Vidyapith University, Pune. Her writings have been translated into various Indian languages, English, Hungarian, French, Germany and Japanese. Her novels and stories have been adopted into films and TV serials on national level. Hema Malini, the famous film star, adapted her novel “Draupadi” for stage ballet and has performed that in India and abroad. Her story “Moksh” has been made into film and won the best film award from President of India.